Wednesday, April 28, 2010

something exciting!

I just signed up to this site and I don't even have to do ad clicking. But of course, I can't tell you how I'm doing.Not just yet. I told you I just signed up. But I promise I'll post about it when the time comes and that would be when I get some revenue from it. If you're interested or just plain curious but can't wait until my next post about this intriguing site, just click here for more information:

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a new challenge: making money online

I have other blogs but none have posts about making money online. One of them is sally's musings, my main blog. It's only this blog that has the most followers as compared to my other blogs. One of those who commented on sally's musings just posted a url of a website. As I always make it a point to visit in return those who bothered to comment, I clicked on it and was taken to this site that promotes other PTC sites and I was really curious. It took me the whole night surfing and reading about it. In fact, I ended signing up with some of those money-making sites. And that's how I got hooked on clicking ads. It's a new challenge for me.

Some PTC sites are quite good and a bit generous than others. Some have a longer clicking time per ad (30 seconds) and add a bit higher to your account, and some don't. Since I have a free account, I got fewer ads to click and lowest pay per click. I will upgrade as soon as my account reaches the amount needed to upgrade. Most of the sites I joined allow you to upgrade using your account balance. But do they pay? I can't say they do as yet. I just started clicking ads and my account is still far from payout balances required. Only then I could tell you yes, they pay. Although they post proofs-of-payment like screenshots, all I can say is: when I get paid, then they are paying. LOL! Some sites have payout balances as low as $0.50 and a few as high as $100 and payments are made through Alert Pay and Paypal so before you give it a try, sign up to Paypal and AlertPay first. It's very easy to do.

Here's a few of those sites that I have selected from the many sign ups I made:

Click here to get 1 Million Guaranteed Real Visitors, FREE!

There are still hundreds or thousands of sites to visit and study. One of the important things to consider is: How long have they have been online? Another thing is: The TOS..IT'S A CONTRACT BETWEEN THE WEBSITE OWNERS AND YOU!! SO READ CAREFULLY AND READ THE WHOLE THING...THE BIG AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE SMALL PRINTS. If you find something disagreeable, leave the page, the site and if you're as careful as you should be, have a list of sites which you think is SCAM or is bleeding you dry.

When I am ready for another post, I'll give you a new list of sites I have tried. So bye for now and if I might add, HAPPY CLICKING!