Monday, March 21, 2011


I know you've heard this before but I am saying it anyway:  Earning money online is easy IF you know how to do it.  But if you are a newbie, expect to be discouraged after a few months.  I mean, if you tried signing up on PTC sites like I did, I am sure you earned a little, like 2 to 10 dollars. Some PTC sites pay you two to three times but after that, they just refuse to pay, saying that you have to invest money first before you get paid, as if spending time clicking their ads is not an investment  already. So you rent referrals who are mostly either inactive or just plain lazy to click. And you rented them for a month at $0.22 each.  So what happens is that you are losing instead of earning more because you have rented somelousy referrals.  And before you knew it, it's time for renewal. My advice is,
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